SECOND ANNUAL CONVENTION 2017: November 4th and 5th 
 Raymond Miltenberger, PhD, BCBA-D  University of South Florida
 Amber Valentino, PsyD, BCBA-D  Trumpet Behavioral Health
 Kevin Luczynski, PhD, BCBA-D  Munroe-Meyer Institute
 Claire St. Peter, PhD, BCBA-D  West Virginia University
 John Borrero, PhD, BCBA-D  University of Maryland, Baltimore County
 Carrie Borrero, PhD, BCBA-D  Kennedy Krieger Institute
 Patrick Friman, PhD, ABPP  Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health
 Brian Greer, PhD, BCBA-D  Munroe-Meyer Institute

 COABA Member Meeting: Licensure in Colorado

We had a fantastic inaugural COABA convention  on Saturday, December 10 at the Hilton Garden Inn (we will be at the same hotel in 2017) in the Denver Tech Center. The convention was a single-track event and featured the following invited speakers:

Bridget Taylor, PsyD, BCBA-D (Alpine Learning Group)
Linda LeBlanc, PhD, BCBA-D (Trumpet Behavioral Health)
Florence DiGennaro Reed, PhD, BCBA-D  (University of Kansas)
Derek Reed, PhD, BCBA-D (University of Kansas)
Jim Carr, PhD, BCBA-D  (Behavior Analyst Certification Board)
Adel Najdowski, PhD, BCBA-D (Pepperdine University)

Diagnosing and Solving Human-Service Staff Performance Problems
David Wilder, PhD, BCBA-D - Florida Institute of Technology
December 15, 2015

Applied Behavior Analysis in Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Dixie Eastridge, MA, BCBA - Learning Services
November 7, 2015

Restraint Prevention: A Behavioral Analysis
David Lennox, PhD - Quality Behavioral Solutions
October 7, 2015

Selecting Function-Based Treatments for Socially Maintained Problem Behavior
Jim Carr, PhD, BCBA-D - Behavior Analyst Certification Board
September 19, 2015
Steamboat Springs, CO

Updates and Changes to the BACB Ethics and Disciplinary Systems
Molli Luke, PhD, BCBA-D - Behavior Analyst Certification Board
August 11, 2015

Recent Research on Teaching Verbal Behavior to Children with Autism
Jim Carr, PhD, BCBA-D - Behavior Analyst Certification Board
July 18, 2015